måndag 2 februari 2015

Starting up

For some reason, I got into my head that it would be fun to have my own historical costuming blog. A large part of it is that I want to keep track of what I make, for myself. I also thougth it would be fun to write something else than technical reports and reaserch papers. That means that this might be some odd mix of pictures of my historical costumes and musings on random topics.

So as a start, some thougths about hobby and work. Yesterday I started to think about this hobby relates to my work. As I work as research engineer in electrical engineering, the obvious answer was that they has absolutely nothing in common. Costuming is just a nice way to think about something entirely different, or possibly even make my hands so busy that I can stop thinking for a while. But then it occured to me that one part I really like with making historical clothing is the research part in the start of a new project. Yes, research. Which is exactly one of the things I love with my job - the thrill when you start with a idea and get to start finding information, find out how things work, and how things relates to your previous knowledge. Exactly the same as when I start a new sewing for a new time period. Suddenly work and hobby did not seem that different any more! And being very fond of maths certainly helps in resizing patterns and constructing own patterns :-)

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