torsdag 1 oktober 2015

1888 plans and progress

I have not been making much progress lately. I have been working, slowly, on something for the "Heritage" challenge. That is now finished, but a post will have to wait for proper photos. Therefore, here comes my inspiration for the new project I have started  - something that I intend both for the "secrets" challenge, the "silver screen " challenge and for my steampunk larp in November.

This is the outfit I am basing my on. I have no date for the fashion plate, but I think it has to be something like 1888-1890. At this time there was a "directoire revival ", borrowing from 18th century men's fashion, if I understand it correctly.

I am making this as a bodice with overskirt (the "coat"), an skirt that is visible only in the front, and a separate shirt. I have not decided yet if the vest is a separate vest or a fake front attached to the coat. From what I have seen, both the vest and the shirt could be either separate garments or fake fronts. These pictures shows different combinations.

How am I doing then? Well, I currently am in the "make weird mock-ups" phase. This is me trying on one, on top of some other clothes for shape. Some work left I would say :-)

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