torsdag 19 mars 2015

A fichu for the18th century dresses

The Historical Sew Monthly challenge have so far been a big motivator. Among other things, it made me decide that it would be a good idea to make the accesoares to my costumes. For example, I have two 18th century dresses, but no shawls, outerwear or headwear, which makes it a bit hard to use them, at least outside. I started this intention simple with a fichu as an entry for the stashbusting challenge.In the first picture, it is shown with the pattern test caraco I made last year.

The fichu worn with my blue caraco.

A close up, showing the piecing

The facts:
What the item is: an 18th century fichu

The Challenge: #3 Stashbusting

Fabric: It is made from a thin cotton with broderie anglaise (I think it is, anyway) and another piece of fabric that matched the embriodered one in very well. As there was stains on the embroidered fabric, I had to do some piecing even when it is such a small garment.

Stashed for?: Both fabrics were gifts. Actually, the emboiderad one I got at the same time as the fabric for the 1903 petticoat.

Pattern: none, just looking at some pinterest pictures.

Year: I guess it could work for second half of 18th century and maybe a bit later as well? I have not researched this apart from looking at some pictures so I don't know.

Notions: thread.

How historically accurate is it? I am not sure. It is hand sewn, with seams types that were used. Cotton could be used, as well as embroidery (but not machine sewn). I am just not sure if these thing could have been combined the way, and if it matches my caraco.

Hours to complete: 2-3 h: lots of hand sewing due to the piecing. And roll hemming is slow...

First worn: by my mother at a historical "fika" in Gamla Linköping last Sunday, with her regency dress.

Total cost: 0, as fabric was a gift.

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