torsdag 26 mars 2015

A historical tea party

Previous sunday, I arranged a historical "fika" (eating cakes and drinking tea) at a coffe shop in Gamla Linköping (the "old town"). I wanted to make a very simple event, just to get a chance to wear historical clothing and meet people, in a part of the year when there are very few events. I did not have to make a very big effort: I just made a facebook event, invited the costumers I know here, and shared the event in suitable facebook groups. Then, I only had to call and reserv a table for us. And then, call back and ask for a bigger table, because more people that I had dared to hope was interested! In the end, we was 15 persons.

It was very nice just to chat, fika, and admire other peoples dress. We had costumes from 1800-1920's. I also invited everyone to tell something about their dress. It turned out to be most interesting, and also educational. It was nice to see that such a simple event could turn out so well.

And of course: pictures! Taken by Olof Tengstrand.

My father in inherited finery from 1920's, and me in the uniform inspired 1886 dress.

Bustle silouette and gentleman

I even managed to finish my new hat the day before the event!

People gathering before the fika.

Group photography, the smiling version :-)

And we got some advertisment for the nest event, a steampunk afternoon tea and movie. Can you tell that I was looking forward to it? 


Two big bustles in one picture

Beautiful 1920's

And some gentlemen of different size and time period

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