tisdag 1 augusti 2017

CoBloWriMo and presentation

This month, I will be part of something called CoBloWriMo - Costume Blog Writing Month. CoBloWriMo is meant to encourage blogging about costuming, and to build the costuming blog community. I will not attempt to blog every day, as I am preparing to move to a new city, but I think it would be fun to take part anyway. Therefore, here is some presentation of me, for CoBloWriMo. Might be some fun facts for you who know me as well :-)

So. I am Sara from Sweden. I am interested in (at some times obsessed by) historical costuming and steampunk. I blog, not regularly, mostly about my finished costumes and my research for them. I have been sewing historically inspired things for 15 years (am I already old enough to be able to say that!?). I am self taught regarding sewing and costuming, as my university degree is in engineering physics, which is not terribly useful for sewing.  But at least it made me unafraid of scaling and constructing geometrical shapes for patterns... I like writing, and find it refreshing to be able to use the language any way I want, in contrast to the strictly scientific language I have to use in reports and scientific papers at work.

Cross dressing in English Tudor/steampunk.

Currently, I am mostly interested in steampunk, when sewing. My mind tends to get a bit obsessed by things once I start on them, but I try to not get all caught up in sewing, as I want to have time for the important persons in my life and other hobbies. Which of course means that some times I miserably fail the "not too obsessed", "getting fresh air is nice" and "my husband are able to get my attention" goals... I have also been seen behaving strangely on public places, like biking in jeans, 1876 bodice, and hat, and then dressing on the spot of the photo shot.  Well well. 
Normal behaviour, right!?

 My costumes take up more space in my wardrobe than my normal clothing, and I have managed to fill the hat shelf in our walk in closet with historical hats. I have also, on several occasions, tried to find a hat on that shelf that would actually protect me from the sun when I am my modern self, and of course failed. How could it be harder to buy a normal hiking sun hat than to make an enormous turn-of-the century hat or an overdecorated steampunk top hat?
Do not use for hiking!

I do not have a cat, but try to get the required amount of "cat walking on my fabric" by sewing with friends who have cats. My husband and I do have a pet octopus who is a big fan of Captain Janeway of Star Trek Voyager (just like me!), and a rich and over-intelligent rat who borrows my computer all the time for his shady business. Or maybe we just have a nice and lively imagination...

My Star Trek Voyager cosplay

All in all, I am very happy that I have this hobby that I like so much, and I am grateful for my costuming friends, both IRL and on the net. Thank you!

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